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Trang My Nguyen

Storyteller & Phototeller

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A Little Bit About Me... 

When I was a child, stories filled my dreams and life with wonder. 


From reading others’ stories in fiction (Tales of a Fourth Grade Nothing, A Wrinkle in Time, Harriet the Spy) and non-fiction (biographies of Helen Keller, Beethoven, etc.) to writing my own (privately published in my little red diary, complete with a built-in combination lock strap), stories ignited my imagination and captivated my world.


But as I left childhood, my newfound curiosity in social activities, traveling, and photography diverted me elsewhere, while my adulthood interests led me to a career in business and marketing, complete with an MBA from the University of Michigan (Go Blue!). 


To this day, I still very much enjoy my ‘grown up’ vocation, but I also know that writing business narratives is vastly different from crafting personal stories.


But regardless of the differences, I’m a firm believer that words – and images – have the power to connect us, move and inspire us.


Well-intended stories can indelibly effect positive change for the greater good.


While I have left childhood for quite some time, childhood has never left me.


If anything, that inner childhood voice just keeps getting louder…nudging and encouraging me to redirect my focus back to where it all started.


And so, it is…this is where my storytelling begins.


I hope you join me on this journey.



Written Storytelling


   Award-winning submission for 2022 Rooted & Written Fellowship

   "Mr. Turner"



   An intergenerational memoir based on the lives of a grandmother, a mother, and a       daughter and the impact of how their lives in Vietnam and America intersect and         shape their destiny.

Visual Storytelling

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